March 1, 2013

The Haul: Amsterdam & Gouda

During Valentine's Day week I went to visit my dutch family together with my boyfriend. We drank a lot of tea, ate cookies and chatted through all of my different sibbling's houses. It was a lot of fun and great to see everybody, since I hardly get to meet them once a year.
And staying in Gouda, half a hour away from Amsterdam, we surely went there to have a small sight seeing (my boyfriend never beeing to the Netherlands or Amsterdam..) and a bit of shopping. The great thing about shopping in foreign countries is, that nearly nobody else at home will have the exact same item. And you got to test out new, unknown or long adored make-up and beauty brands and trends. 

So we went to Amsterdam on Valentine's Day, very snowy, very cold, so a good excuse to grab some tea and pancakes and hurry from shop to shop. On Saturday we also went to Gouda, where they have a big market place with all kind of bits and bobs where we rambled around a bit.
Hopefully everything clothingwise is out of the washing machine, when I'm taking the photos. We had LOADS of washing.. We should definitely sort out some of our stuff, this is just not normal..

So there's two shops I always pop in, when I'm in the Netherlands. One called "The Sting" and one called "America Today" and as always I found some lovely stuff. The thing with my body is, that its proportions don't seem to be made for regular clothing. I'm 5,58 tall, quite skinny, got a small boobage, longs arms, long legs, but a bigger butt and a wider hip. And there's really no clothing for that type of body. How do clothing designers think that people look like? Tall, big boobs, small hips? There are maybe 1 out of 100 women who look like this barbie type of thing.. Arrghs I can't stop complaining about this.. BUT as I already said, I can not other then stopping by at "The Sting" and "AT" and they totally get my type of figure. The have an amazing range of sizing. From XXS to XL. Maybe nothing for the bigger curved women under us, but from the skinny to bigger ones there's always a lovely thing.
The first thing I got are these lovely fake leather jackets. A dirty army green and a dark blue. And they both were on discount and only cost 15€ each! Such a great bargain! 

15€ - The Sting

Next I bought this lovely denim blouse with a kind of bohemian detailing at the shoulders and upper back.

39,95€ - America Today

And I also got some basics. This grey longsleeved dress and a red furry hoody. 

Dress 15,95€ - The Sting // Hoody 40€ - America Today

As I visited a bigger city I had to take something touristical with me and I chose this cute Amsterdam t-shirt.
25€ - The Sting

Picked up some braceletts and a really soft fluffy loop scarf. 
Braceletts 2,50€ - unknown store // Scarf 7€ - same unknown store :D

Got some books, since I eventually have time to read again! Yey, cuddling in a blanket, lying on the sofa..
Let it snow  John Green - 9€ in english //  De vleermuisman (original: Flaggermusmannen) J.Nesbø - 11€ in dutch

And eventually I got some beauty stuff too... Finally found the Clarins Lip Perfector in the colour 02. Haunted it for so long! And I'm giving my face some extra moisture with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

Clarins Lip perfector 14€ - ICI Paris // OriginsMask 27€ - Douglas

What dou you buy if you're shopping in another country? Do you also got unknown brand crazy?
And are you interested in pictures / videos of me wearing some of the clothes and how I style them?
Would love if you left a comment below, on bloglovinhellocotton or on twitter!
Lots of love